Beginning level – Hung Gar Kung Fu – Saturday Mornings 11:15 – Kids and Adults

606 Maynard Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98104, United States

(206) 954-0965

Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness

Master David Leong welcomes you to Martial Arts in Seattle

School will be open every Friday in January 6:30 - 8:30, drop in for Lion Dance & Forms Practice.

Lion Dance Practice

Senior Students show off traditional Hung Gar lion dance techniques.

Traditional Lion Dance in International District and Greater Seattle Area.

We hope you enjoyed this video of a typical Chinatown lion dance performance! Traditionally kung fu students perform the lion dance during the New Year to bless all the businesses for the upcoming year. We were proud and honored to perform for SEVEN hours straight in Seattle's Chinatown District year. We hope this year brings health, happiness, and prosperity to you!  


 The physicality of martial arts constantly pushes Hung Kuen students to new levels of strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, self-defense, and overall health. This training also results in one of the most symbolic cornerstones of Hung Kuen Kung Fu and Chinese culture -- the memorizing Chinese Lion Dance.  

Performed by kung fu practitioners, traditional Lion Dance in International District is a symbol of good luck, hope, happiness and celebration. Performed throughout the year for joyous events, the Chinese Lion Dance and Kung Fu in Seattle is most seen during Chinese New Year festivities. People from all over the world watch the lion dance in celebration of what is to come and delight in the sounds and beats of the drum.